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“Let us seize the opportunity to increase collaboration between humanitarian, development and peace actors, at all levels, to leave no one behind,” she said.,u17 female world cup scores,While former ally Luis Parra declared himself Speaker, opposition members re-elected Mr. Guaidó in a separate session held that day at a newspaper office.,During the past months, Ms. La Lime and international partners the Organization of American States and the Holy See have been supporting negotiations to forge consensus on a political agreement.  .

“Fostering a culture of peace means building global solidarity and cooperation much needed in these trying times.” , “I am relieved all staff is now safe and secure. Aid workers, humanitarian facilities and assets cannot be a target and must be protected and respected at all times.”  ,Throughout the weeks of demonstrations, the Human Rights Council-appointed independent experts have spoken out against the excessive force used by security forces.,i bet you translate.

u17 female world cup scores

UN chief António Guterres was encouraged by President Biya's decision to release Mr. Kamto and more than 100 MRC members. Additionally,  333 other people who had been jailed in connection with the crisis in the country's restive Anglophone regions also have been freed.,i bet you think about me,Malian authorities and two coalitions of armed groups, signed the Agreement on Peace and Reconciliation in Mali three years ago in an effort to stabilize the country, following violent clashes, and a failed coup by extremists, three years prior. Since 2013, nearly 200 peacekeepers have been killed, making MINUSMA the deadliest UN mission in the world. .

“There is no clear end in sight” to the conflict, said agency spokesperson James Elder, after returning from a visit the northern Ethiopian region.,“This necessary work has nonetheless slowed the pace of the Government’s programme and reform agenda”, she told the Council, which since mid-March has been meeting via video-teleconference due to the pandemic.,i bet you translate,Shire has a population of approximately 170,000, and now hosts at least 52,000 internally displaced people (IDPs).  UNICEF and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) are trucking water to the town, where there was no drinking water as the water treatment plant is not functioning.  The mobile network, Internet and banking services are still not working. .

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A question mark also hangs over municipal elections scheduled for October, after the Central Election Commission said it may be unable to prepare for the pools because a State budget for 2020 has yet to be adopted, he said.  Some political parties are also refusing to cooperation with the Commission over the election of new members to that body.,Organized crime has become a “central scourge facing many countries”, Awale Abdounasir, Police Commissioner for the UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUSCO), warned the Council. Mr. Abdounasir said that the problem particularly affects fragile states, such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).,However, it said, given the highly globalized nature of food production and supply, commodities need to move from the world’s ‘breadbaskets’ to where they are consumed – and COVID-19-related containment measures are starting to make this more challenging..

u17 female world cup scores,The development comes a day after Mr. Guterres and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed discussed the extremely concerning humanitarian situation in the northern province. ,Turning to MONUSCO, Ms. Keita updated ambassadors on its ongoing strategy towards eventual withdrawal from the country.  The mission is preparing to close field offices in the Kasai region in June, and in Tanganyika province next year, while strengthening cooperation with UN agencies working in the areas of humanitarian aid, development and rule of law. .

The human rights chief drove home that, between 1992 and 2019, only 13 per cent of negotiators, 6 per cent of mediators and 6 per cent of signatories in major peace processes worldwide, were women.,On the issue of drug abuse in Afghanistan, the report acknowledges the growing threat posed by the methamphetamine industry and the “extreme and wide-ranging harm” to the country’s people and broader region of narcotics in general.,Spotlighting fruitful bilateral efforts, the UN chief recalled successes in political crisis prevention in Gambia, facilitation of political dialogue in Madagascar, breakthroughs in peace agreements in Sudan, and addressing the root causes of Central Africa’s crises.  .

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Almost all humanitarian work has stopped as the country’s authorities have been effectively isolating their people from “social, political, economic” and even diplomatic engagements, including with the United Nations, Mr. Quintana told the Human Rights Council in Geneva.,i bet you think about me,Ten unarmed Egyptian “blue helmets”, who were newly deployed to the mission, were injured in the incident, which occurred in the capital, Bangui, on Monday.  .

The aim is to deepen exploratory substantive consultations to identify the “very first steps that Syrian and international players could deliver”, he explained, pressing the parties to not only explore what they ask of others - but also what actions they can entertain.  “I sense that all key players are interested in deepening this conversation.”,“Basrawis should not live in such an atmosphere of terror and intimidation. Greater action by the authorities is urgently required,” she said in a news release on Thursday. ,i bet you translate,“It is essential that international efforts find a solution to the plight of displaced persons and refugees still living in desperate conditions,” he said. .

More than 30 demonstrators have been wounded as police and military forces used live rounds together with less-than-lethal force against crowds nationwide protesting the month-long takeover, according to OHCHR, citing “credible information”.,i bet you translate,With the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre coming up in July, he said that measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic could prompt commemorative events to be scaled back.  He added, though, that some individuals still deny the genocide, reject war crimes verdicts and glorify convicted war criminals.,MINUSMA is the most dangerous UN operation in the world. Nearly 130 peacekeepers serving there have been killed in malicious acts, the UN chief told the Security Council in June.  .

Addressing the Council, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi highlighted that despite the evolving situation in Ukraine, UN humanitarian organizations and NGO partners have remained in the country and are “now caught up in this deadly conflict.”,“The Secretary-General once again reminds all parties to the conflict in Libya of their obligations under international humanitarian law and international human rights law”, said Dujarric, adding that Mr. Guterres “reiterates his call for an immediate end to the fighting in Libya in order to save lives and end civilian suffering”.,“Insufficient international response in countering the illicit trafficking of small arms and light weapons, the challenges that Member States face to detect and seize them, as well as porous borders, allow terrorists and criminals to move illicit weapons from one country or region to another,” said Vladimir Voronkov, UN Under-Secretary-General for Counter-Terrorism.,i bet you think about me.

“The reports from Jonglei State are appalling”, Michelle Bachelet said of fighting that broke out between 16 and 17 May, forcing thousands to flee their homes.,beste strategie roulette,“Once again, these attacks display a blatant disregard for international humanitarian law and human rights law, and may amount to war crimes”, declared UNSMIL. “All parties to the conflict must respect their obligations under international humanitarian law, including complying with the principles of distinction, proportionality and precautions in attacks, to prevent civilian casualties”. ,Such is true for surrounding Middle-Eastern nations, also seeing desperate situations: In Lebanon, 1.5 million are engaging in peaceful demonstrations, protests in Iraq earlier this month resulted in scores of fatalities, nine years of conflict in Syria have taken a devastating toll on civilians, including serious human rights violations and an entire generation of children is growing up in war, he said. .

“We owe these Blue Helmets our strong and united support” Mr. Guterres urged, which entails robust funding, and strong mandates.  ,President Moïse, 53, was shot dead in an overnight attack in his private residence in Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince.  His wife, Martine, was also injured and is receiving treatment, according to media reports. ,“While the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic has the primary responsibility for the protection of boys and girls in the country, all of the actors in this conflict must do more to protect children and preserve the country’s future generation.”  ,i bet you translate.

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Despite that dramatic drop, 533 Afghan civilians - including more than 150 children - were killed due to fighting, highlighting the urgent need for all parties to the conflict to do more to protect civilians from harm.,Offering its sincere condolences to the families of the victims and wishing a speedy recovery to the injured, UNSMIL added that the continuing indiscriminate shelling of civilians and civilian buildings such as hospitals, “may rise to the level of war crimes, and the perpetrators will not go unpunished no matter how long it may take.” ,He said climate adaptation must offer a clear path to green industrialisation for Africa and the Global South. .

u17 female world cup scores,“No country will be able to insulate itself from a meltdown of the global economic system; from the domino effect of hoarding food or fuel; or from the long-term impact of increased poverty and hunger”, he said.,Switching to English, she outlined opportunities ahead of 2023, including the formation of a new Government, noting “there is a momentum for change that can be built.” .

“We provide life-saving food, healthcare, sanitation facilities, education and protection services, to millions of Syrians every month”, the UN chief said. “We help to address their trauma and provide legal advice so they can start to rebuild their lives” – all of which depends on “generous” donor support. ,“The partnership between the African Union and the United Nations continues to grow from strength to strength”, Hanna Tetteh, Special Representative and Head of the UN Office to the AU told the Chamber via videolink.  ,In a statement, Special Rapporteur Tom Andrews said “emergency” assistance for Myanmar was desperately needed to save lives..

“The Secretary-General remains deeply concerned about the developments in Bolivia”, his Spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric told reporters in New York. “He reiterates his appeal to all Bolivians to refrain from violence and exercise utmost restraint”, he added, referring to the rising incidents of violence following weeks of protest which began over disputed presidential election results. ,Staff who visited the scene on Thursday morning observed the total destruction of the property, with school bags, clothes and family photos still partially visible beneath the rubble. ,“Access to water is a means of survival that must never be used as a tactic of war,” said Manuel Fontaine, UNICEF Director of Emergency Programmes. “Attacks on water and sanitation infrastructure are attacks on children.”.

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The vessel was converted in 1986 from the single hull oil carrier “Esso Japan”, initially built in 1976, to FSO SAFER. SAFER is legally owned by the national oil company, the Safer Exploration & Production Operation Company (SEPOC). Prior to the escalation of the conflict in 2015, the vessel was used to store and export oil from fields around Ma’rib. The de-facto authorities in Sana’a have controlled the waters where the SAFER is moored since 2015.,“The continuing loss of young lives and the daily bloodshed is intolerable”, said UN Special Representative Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, lamenting that “at least 467 protesters have been killed and over 9,000 injured since 1 October”.,Prevention will help us “flatten the curve” of conflict, and thus create space for our conflict management tools, which are currently often overwhelmed”, she said on Thursday, in a lecture delivered at Baze University, in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, entitled: The Use of Ceasefire Agreements In Avoiding Escalation of Armed Conflicts..

u17 female world cup scores,According to news reports on Tuesday, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said his forces would resume their offensive unless Kurdish fighters fully withdraw from the border area by the day’s end.,The Secretary-General said the elections also constitute a crucial step for the continuity of the political process, and he upheld the February 2019 accord as “the only viable framework” for lasting peace in the country.   .

There were more than 21.5 million cases worldwide as of Monday, and nearly 767,200 deaths, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO).,At the same time, he acknowledged that much remained to be done, as the situation in CAR “remains fragile.”,While most were committed by armed groups, five per cent were attributed to the national armed forces, FACA. .

The MAF details the joint commitments of Somalia and its international partners in the areas of political reforms, security reforms, economic development and recovery and humanitarian assistance, as the country rebuilds after decades of armed conflict and climate-related shocks.,Ms. Mohammed’s visit comes as the Central Sahel region is struggling to cope with a burgeoning humanitarian and security crisis: the number of people in need of humanitarian assistance in Mali increased from 4.3 to 6.8 million between January and August 2020.,“I urged the Council to speak in unity and especially against violence, and also that the political prisoners will be released as quickly as possible,” she said. .