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Saudi Arabia loosened some social restrictions on women in 2017. And now, by Royal decree, Saudi women will be able to apply for passports. Those over 21 will be allowed to travel independently – without permission from their so-called guardians – by the end of this month.,unibet4,They include more than 120,000 children killed or maimed; at least 105,000 children recruited or used by armed forces or armed groups; over 32,500 children abducted; and more than 16,000 children subjected to sexual violence.,“Indeed, every effort should be made to ensure the parties make full use of existing mechanisms, such as the EJVM, which play an essential role in maintaining the climate of trust and cooperation that remains essential to effectively tackle the common security challenges facing the DRC and its neighbors,” Ms. Pobee told ambassadors. .

Two rockets were launched by DPRK on Saturday, outside the boundary of Japan’s exclusive economic zone.,“Backtracking on the path to gender equality is not just bad for women. It will undermine the resilience of entire economies and societies. And it will prevent the world from fulfilling the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”, he warned. ,“I am certainly confident that Colombia can demonstrate to the world, once again, that there is no better alternative to ending conflicts than through dialogue,” said Mr. Massieu.,hyderabad today ipl bettings.

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 For example in a parallel study by the WHO in the Philippines, only three per cent of women wanting to delay or limit childbearing received contraceptive counseling during their last health visit. It is estimated there are nearly 2 million unplanned pregnancies each year in the country alone, resulting in some 600,000 unsafe abortions. ,hyderabad to delhi capital,Meanwhile, energy prices have left families with no choice but to continue using low-tech fossil fuels, exposing women and girls to household air pollution, which kills 3.2 million people each year..

The vast majority of those who have had to flee, 4.9 million, were internally displaced by conflict across North Kivu, South Kivu and Ituri while nearly 700,000 have been displaced due to extreme weather.,As part of an audio series recorded in Vanuatu, focusing on some of the women pioneers fighting for gender equality across society, the UN Office for Small Island Developing States (OHRLLS), brought Ms. Arukola and Ms. Worwor together, to share their dreams and aspirations for women in the country.,hyderabad today ipl bettings,Jane Connors, the UN’s Victims’ Rights Advocate, was presenting an overview of the latest report on her mandate, which covers the past year. .

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“There are many other crises around the world. But very few crises, if any, test our commitment and values like the one that we are witnessing in Haiti,” said Ms. Mohammed. ,The Council was meeting to assess the state of the G5 Sahel Joint Force, which brings together Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania and Niger. Founded in 2017, it’s main role as an international military operation is countering the rising threat of terrorism, improving criminal justice, border security management and the spread of militant religious extremism.,“I urge governments to put women and girls at the centre of their efforts to recover from COVID-19. That starts with women as leaders, with equal representation and decision-making power”, he said in a video message to accompany the report’s launch..

unibet4,Underscoring the need to increase awareness about MDGs, the Secretary-General recently launched the UN Creative Community Outreach Initiative, which acts as a liaison between the Organization and producers, directors, writers, and new media professionals who want to inform the public about critical global issues.,In conclusion, Mr. Wennesland underscored the need for a solution to the decades-long crisis.  .

“The path to peace is forged by dialogue and cooperation,” and shaped by “a common understanding of the threats and challenges,” he said. ,The IPU advocates for well-designed quotas as the key to progress, as evidenced by elections held in 2020. Electoral gender quotas were applied in 25 of the 57 countries that had parliamentary renewals last year. On average, parliaments with quotas elected nearly 12 per cent more women to single and lower chambers, and 7.4 per cent more women to upper chambers.    ,As a “massive year for gender equality”, Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka said 2020 was all about “Generation Equality”, in which “we’re mobilizing to realize women’s rights, and to mark 25 years of implementing the Beijing Platform for Action” – the historic and landmark gender equality plan drawn up in the Chinese capital. .

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“As a female traditional leader, my aim is to be a role model within my chiefdom. I want to ensure that we collectively challenge social and traditional norms and practices that negatively affect our women and girls”, said Kawaza, chieftainess of the Chewa people.,hyderabad to delhi capital,Meanwhile, the humanitarian situation has continued to deteriorate, with displacement figures increasing by 20 per cent, to over 946,000 in the first half of this year. .

Briefing the Council, UN Special Representative in Haiti, Helen La Lime, said 280 people were murdered there last month – the highest on record.  Reported kidnappings have exceeded 1,200 this year, or double the 2021 figure. ,Sexual abuse in UN terms is defined as “the actual or threatened physical intrusion of a sexual nature, whether by force, or under unequal or coercive conditions.” Sexual exploitation is “any actual or attempted abuse of a position of vulnerability, differential power, or trust, for sexual purposes, including, but not limited to, profiting monetarily, socially or politically from the sexual exploitation of another”.,hyderabad today ipl bettings,• Please read the full wrap up of CSW62 from UN Women here..

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In her statement issued to mark the Day, UN Women’s Executive Director, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, reinforced that message, specifying that “science and innovation can bring life-changing benefits, especially for those who are furthest behind – such as women and girls living in remote areas, the elderly and people with disabilities”.,unibet4,Worldwide, some 650 million women alive today were married when they were just girls.,Over the past year, ongoing violence has affected education for more than 600,000 children in North Kivu. .

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The General Assembly is the UN’s most representative body, comprising all 193 Member States. ,And it will be renewed for an additional thre years, according to UNICEF and the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), which works to advance sexual and productive health. Since then, it has helped more than eight million adolescent girls and more than five million community members, with information, skills and services.,She told her story for the first time to IOM staff, ahead of World Day Against Trafficking in Persons which is marked annually on 30 July..

unibet4,“Internally Displaced camps are fraught with danger”, said UNICEF Emergency Manager Dounia Dekhili. “In addition to the cholera threat, children and young people are at risk of experiencing gender-based violence in the extremely cramped camps”.,The young Saudi told human rights groups and the media over the weekend that she had been stopped at Bangkok airport in transit from Kuwait, where her passport was taken from her. She claims she was fleeing her family and was planning to head to Australia and seek asylum there..

Some 60 per cent of the world’s undernourished people live in areas affected by conflict he said, adding that “no country is immune”.,They also continued discussion to set up a nuclear safety and security protection zone around the Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP), Europe’s largest, which has repeatedly come under fire in recent months, triggering deepening nuclear safety and security concerns.,The mission has also made quantifiable progress in implementing the Somali Transition Plan, which calls for the handover of security to the Government. .

“This is a pervasive issue across our society as even highly literate men in business and in government don’t want their women to vote,” said Lida Sherzad, an advocate working with the Afghanistan Women’s Network (AWN). “There is an immense price to pay in terms of psychological damage and pressure on women, including their children, and these mothers are asking me why they should even participate in elections if no one is protecting them.”,Providing an overview, Mr. Voronkov said that the border between Iraq and Syria remains highly vulnerable, with an estimated 10,000 fighters operating in the area. ,She added that “Syrians can come together to rescue their country and focus on its future”, but it was up to the international community and those invested in a diplomatic end to the fighting, to “advance a sustainable, inclusive political solution”, and “correct Syria’s trajectory”, moving instead to a ceasefire and lasting peace..

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Ms. Murad, he said, had given voice to "unspeakable abuse" in northern Iraq, when Dae'sh terrorists brutally targetted the Yazidi ethnic minority in 2014. "She has pursued support for victims of human trafficking and sexual slavery, and justice for perpetrators.",Jane Holl Lute: I think the better question is how widespread is the problem of sexual exploitation and abuse. It frankly is a global scourge. There is not a family, a school, an organization, a military, a government, or any activity free from this problem. And that's a powerful statement. There is, in effect, no place on the planet where women, children and the vulnerable are safe from sexual predation or the potential for that.,“It’s up to us to make sure that we use the power of multilateral investment and commitment to realize the potential gains from radical, positive action to redress long-standing inequalities in multiple areas of women’s lives,” said UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka, during the day-long interactive hearing organized by General Assembly President Tijani Muhammad-Bande..

unibet4,“The 2030 Agenda is a commitment to leaving no-one behind,” Miwa Kato, Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific for the UN Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women), reminded the participants, adding that the difficulties women face are “partly due to negative gender stereotypes, harmful practices and structural inequalities that must be addressed.” ,She also manages the UN Police Women’s Network, which connects female officers for mentoring, training, professional development and mutual support.  .

The senior officials were responding to the outbreak of armed clashes between the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) in many parts of the capital Khartoum and other areas outside the capital, on Saturday morning.,“So it is civil society that is indeed being in the forefront of this struggle... Without civil society leadership and pressure, I doubt we would be where we are today,” he added.   ,“For far too many families, the sheer costs of childbirth can be catastrophic. If a family cannot afford these costs, the consequences can even be fatal”, said UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore. “When families cut corners to reduce maternal health care costs, both mothers and their babies suffer.”.

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For instance, in 1995, only 17 percent of international patent applications filed under WIPO’s Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) system included a woman among the inventors listed.,“When I became UN Women’s Goodwill Ambassador some time ago”, the Australian-born Academy Award-winning star said, “I met with women and girls who had survived violence and who were supported by the UN Trust Fund.”, On a recent two-day visit to Tanzania, UNFPA’s Executive Director, Dr. Natalia Kanem, met with counsellors at the National Child Helpline, in the commercial capital, Dar es Salaam. The helpline is run by C-Sema, a national NGO, in collaboration with the Government..


unibet4,Senior UN officials joined women activists, artists, politicians and others from around the world, for an online event to mark the day, observed annually on 8 March. ,Escalating armed conflict is further exacerbating the situation. Since 20 October, 188,000 people have been newly displaced by fighting between the M23 rebel group and the Congolese Army..

“This report shows very clearly that formula milk marketing remains unacceptably pervasive, misleading and aggressive,” said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, calling for regulations on exploitative marketing to be “urgently adopted and enforced to protect children’s health.”,Though progress was reported in all regions, the Americas were again on top in 2020, with women making up 32.4 per cent of MPs. In Chile, Colombia and Ecuador, the percentage is higher than average.   ,“We’re adapting to the fast-changing realities on the ground, finding solutions to reach the children that need us the most, while ensuring that Afghan women employed by UNICEF can continue their invaluable contribution to our work for children,” he said. .

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The deal was mediated by the UN and the Government of Türkiye, which was thanked in the statement for its diplomatic and operational support: as part of the agreement, a Joint Coordination Centre (JCC) was established in Istanbul, to monitor the implementation of the Initiative.,“This is because we have been able to put all these talents and competencies together and make wonderful things happen.”,With mothers and babies amongst the most highly vulnerable in Yemen, one in 37 new-born babies die in the first month of life and one out of every 260 women dies in pregnancy or childbirth, according to a UNICEF press release issued on Friday..

unibet4,“Some sleep under open skies. Lack of privacy and exposure to cold at night and the elements during the day, create additional safety and health concerns, particularly for women and children.” ,Csaba Kőrösi was speaking at the latest meeting of the Emergency Special Session of the world’s most representative body, on the war in Ukraine, triggered by Russia’s invasion of 24 February, which was taking place in light of Russia’s use of the veto in the Security Council on 30 September..

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“The struggle for gender equality is a tough struggle, and obviously it is tougher when we look at it from the perspective of Governments and institutions,” Mr. Guterres said during a town hall-style discussion at UN Headquarters in New York, an event held on the margins of the 62nd session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW62), the UN’s largest gathering on gender equality.,khel kabaddi team for todays match,Mr. Keçeli said Türkiye has always maintained its strong support for Iraq’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, stability and prosperity, adding that any claims to the contrary are untrue and ill-intended. ,In providing an overview of the situation after the 2 October truce expiration, Hans Grundberg said that in recent weeks, Houthi forces, known as Ansar Allah, attacked oil terminals and ports in Hadramawt and Shabwa governorates, depriving the Government of its main source of revenue from exporting oil.  .

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At the final meeting of the provincial Open Days consultations in Kabul, hosted by UNAMA and UN Women, participants highlighted challenges for women’s meaningful input in peace processes – as peacebuilders, activists, advocates, mediators and negotiators – as well as opportunities to amplify women’s voices and ensure they are at the negotiating table.,hyderabad today ipl bettings,Highlighting the devastating and lasting consequences of the war on millions of the country’s youngsters, UN Children’s Fund UNICEF, maintained that most of the victims were from “attacks using explosive weapons in populated areas”, a claim supported by the UN human rights office, OHCHR.,Laura Dolci, a victim of the 2003 Canal Hotel Bombing in Iraq, in which 22 UN staff were killed, and over 100 wounded, reported that, “there are thousands of victims of terrorism and their families scattered in all regions of the world, struggling in their solitude with the scars of trauma and injury.”.

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Millions of girls are out of school, with no prospect of financial independence, while rising numbers of women and girls suffer violence at home.,league of legends gabrina server,“The visit constitutes a new step in the Committee’s interaction with Iraq, one of the first countries to ratify the Convention,” they said, adding, “but lots remain to be done.” ,“Communications is not a side issue or an afterthought,” he said during the first-ever High-Level Debate dedicated to the importance of strategic communications, calling it “central to the success of all our work”..

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Cruise missiles fired from a Russian submarine in the Black Sea struck civilian areas of the city, including an office block and residential buildings, according to media reports, citing Ukrainian authorities. ,ludo game com,Bilohorivka is close to the Government-held city of Severodonetsk, where heavy fighting was reported in the suburbs on Saturday.,The UN deputy chief cited the World Bank in detailing how women’s equal participation in the labor force had the potential to unlock 0 trillion for sustainable development reinvestment..

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The needs are urgent, and widespread, he said, as the final few hours of a US-brokered 72-hour ceasefire neared, with fighting continuing. Hundreds have been killed, and thousands wounded as the rival militia of the country’s top two generals continue to battle each other in civilian areas.,However, UNESCO data shows only around 30 per cent of all female students in higher education select the so-called STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering or mathematics. One of the main tools for tackling gender inequality in the sciences is dismantling the barriers to girls and women, at home, in the classroom and in the workplace. This requires a change in attitudes and the challenging of stereotypes, they said.,“It is reprehensible that Ms. Al-Ghomagham is facing the death penalty for asserting her fundamental right to peaceful assembly,” the UN experts stressed..

“Despite being charged with terrorism, they were reportedly arrested for resisting forced evictions in the name of the NEOM project and the construction of a 170km linear city called The Line,” the UN experts said.,Collective action is further needed to end the arbitrary detention and enforced disappearance of tens of thousands of people in Syria, he continued, noting that the issue affects millions of victims, survivors, and families on all sides.  ,Senior UN officials have long called for humanitarian corridors to be established to enable the safe and constant delivery of assistance to extremely vulnerable populations in Ukraine. But OCHA, the UN aid coordination wing, has frequently signalled that access in many places remains too dangerous or is blocked..

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The SafeYou app, is a unique digital solution that provides women and girls with security functions to protect them against violence, and offers tools for survivors. ,Briefing the Security Council on 8 August, Tor Wennesland, Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, reported that 46 Palestinians had been killed and 360 injured, and 70 Israelis injured.,“Extremism amongst women didn’t exist in the past in Chad. This seems to be a new phenomenon,” she said. “The Government is making a big effort to fight the extremists and meanwhile non-governmental organizations in Chad are trying to educate and sensitize women about the dangers of extremism.”.

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On the 30th anniversary of the campaign for 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, the UN agency said that there’s been a global surge in domestic violence, child marriages, trafficking, sexual exploitation and abuse since March.,Libyan women also remain concerned about their ability to actively engage in the long-awaited elections, both as voters and candidates, the UN envoy reported. ,Alice Nderitu expressed her strongest condemnation for the 24 January airstrike in which at least 40 herders, mainly ethnic Fulani, were killed, and scores of other civilians were injured. .

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Israeli forces stormed Al-Aqsa mosque, also commonly known as al-Qibli mosque, overnight, arresting more than 350 people, according to media reports.   ,“Declaring these goals has galvanized an unprecedented level of support,” noted Mr. Ban. “We have made considerable progress, but there is still much work to do.”,He reported that in recent months, mutual strikes have slowly increased in the north between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on one side, and Türkiye and armed opposition groups on the other, with the violence spilling over the border. .

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Mr. Dujarric said the UN regrets the decision. ,Envoys of the trilateral mechanism facilitating intra-Sudan talks – the United Nations, the African Union and regional body, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) – have stressed that it is up to the Sudanese, particularly the authorities, to create an environment conducive to the success of any negotiations.,She made this chilling observation during an event held on the side lines of 62nd UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), which has been running at UN Headquarters in New York since last week and will wrap up on 23 March..

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With the aim of ending a conflict that has killed thousands and left two out of three civilians dependent on humanitarian aid since December 2012, peace talks got under way in January 2019 in Khartoum, Sudan, led by the African Union with UN support. The deal was agreed in Khartoum but formally signed on 6 February 2019 in CAR’s capital, Bangui. ,OHCHR spokesperson Ravina Shamdasani said the trials by the Russian-backed authorities could begin in the occupied city, possibly within days - and warned that such a process could amount to a war crime.,However, Mr. Lacroix noted that two women are currently serving in the most senior military level within the 12 field missions: one is the newly appointed Force Commander in the peacekeeping mission in Cyprus (UNFICYP), and the other is a Deputy Force Commander in the Western Sahara mission, MINURSO..

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When I was a little girl, never in a million years did I imagine that I was going to be working in a peacekeeping mission and especially as a female deminer. ,Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will effect food security on the continent, both through availability and pricing of imported food, along with rising uncertainties in global financial markets and supply chains.,The UN chief said he remains convinced that reciprocal and verifiable steps by the Syrian parties, and among key international stakeholders, can unlock the path to sustainable peace.  .

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The Secretary-General “believes that the decision is based on an inaccurate perception of the nature and importance of the work of UNFPA,” the spokesperson said referring to the acronym for the UN Population Fund.,For roughly an hour, the convoy came under direct fire from suspected members of a terrorist group using small arms and rocket launchers. ,“Immediate steps to reverse negative trends and support the Palestinian people are essential,” said Lynn Hastings, UNSCO’s deputy chief, UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for the Occupied Palestinian Territory, speaking on behalf of Special Coordinator Tor Wennesland..

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“No one, including the Secretary-General, is pleased with the fact that we still have these cases,” he assured.  “We have not let our guard down and we continue working to end impunity and ensure justice for victims.”,“To ensure a lasting settlement, the Secretary-General underscores the importance of including the broadest array of Sudanese stakeholders, including women, youth, and civil society,” said Mr. Dujarric. ,“The United Nations continues to assist the Congolese authorities in their investigation and prosecution of those responsible for killing Zaida and Michael, and the disappearance of the four Congolese citizens who were with them,” he told the gathering. .

unibet4,“Information about transfers of such material has been widely publicized by the governments involved,” she said, adding that the transfers of arms have included heavy conventional weapons such as battle tanks, armoured combat vehicles, large-calibre artillery systems and uncrewed combat aerial vehicles, as well as small arms and light weapons.,The League is among the regional organizations which have a vital role to play in advancing peace, sustainable development, and human rights, he added. .

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