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At the heart of the SDGs today, education serves as a basis for achieving the other goals, including reducing inequalities; improving health; achieving gender equality; fighting hate speech, xenophobia and intolerance; protecting the planet’s resources and nurturing global citizenship.,vivo pro kabaddi junabook.com,“The officials we met in Kabul…reaffirmed that they are not against girls learning in secondary schools, and again promised to re-open once the guidelines are approved by their leader,” he said. ,Ms. Espinosa was speaking at the closing session of the event, which took place between 26 and 28 August in Salt Lake City, Utah, at which representatives from civil society and NGOs resolved to actively contribute to their communities to further the 2030 Agenda..

They had repeatedly asked the Government to support their claims against Japan for reparations, asserting that failure to fight for their cause had essentially resulted in ongoing discrimination that continues to this day. ,Since it is a Peace Prize, I believe it should contribute to that cause. We held an editorial board meeting where we decided how to distribute the Nobel Prize money. ,Since November, the motorbike ambulance has protected lives that would have been lost without prompt transportation to their nearest health facility. ,murugan ashwin college.

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vivo pro kabaddi junabook.com

Since 2000, parts of the ozone layer have recovered at a rate of 1-3 per cent every ten years, the latest Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion estimates. At projected rates the “Northern Hemisphere and mid-latitude ozone will heal completely by the 2030’s”, UNEP said, with the Southern Hemisphere repaired by the 2050’s, and Polar Regions in the following decade.,murugan ashwin biography,Beyond just pure enjoyment, books have always been considered a bridge between generations and across cultures. "Books are a form of cultural expression that lives through and as part of a chosen language”, said UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay, in a message for the day..

The workshops are organized by the Block by Block Foundation, a collaboration between Microsoft, Mojang (the makers of Minecraft), and UN-Habitat, the UN programme for human settlements.,Island States have spoken on previous days, but on Friday a total of 10 island leaders took turns explaining to world Heads of State and Government not only the catastrophic impacts of climate change caused by centuries of industrial pollution from northern nations, but the disadvantages they face in the financial domain as soon as they improve the lot of their people.,murugan ashwin college,“Will those responsible for decisions in the field of climate change at the global level listen to the voice of science and knowledge, which is now loud and clear?” Mr. Pachauri asked..

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murugan ashwin college

Most are mothers, who often end up walking for days or even weeks. ,The outcome document of the Commission, officially the “Agreed Conclusions” of the 45 Member States, acknowledged the critical role of technology and innovation in achieving gender equality.,More recently, Mozambique has been “instrumental” as a witness and guarantor to the Peace, Security and Cooperation Framework for the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and in the Great Lakes region..

vivo pro kabaddi junabook.com,They face additional hardships from the pandemic – including sexual abuse - Ms. Al-Nashif warned, particularly those displaced by war.,Today, one of the Committee’s many emphases in the realm of human rights has to do with refugees. Just this year, the Committee had a hand in ramping up support for people fleeing their home countries, and those that take them in, through the Global Compact on Refugees..

António Guterres issued the charge on Wednesday in a speech to the annual Caring for Climate Meeting, held during the on-going UN COP25 climate conference in Madrid. ,Since 2 December, the conference has brought together thousands of climate action decision-makers, advocates and activists, with one key objective: adopting global guidelines for the 197 parties of the 2015 Paris Agreement, when countries committed to limiting global warming to less than 2°C – and as close as possible to 1.5° – above pre-industrial levels.,Against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic and its devastating socio-economic impacts, the Secretary-General urged efforts to build stronger and resilient societies. .

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Listen below to our UN News interview with Sheetal Vyas on the issue: ,murugan ashwin biography,“Irregular migration entails huge avoidable loss of human lives, puts strains on services in host countries and communities, and fuels anti-immigrant and racist sentiments in Europe,” he stated..

Over the course of five years, DPI’s AV Digitization Project aims to digitize selectively 70 per cent of the UN historical collections; facilitate collection access via the Audiovisual Library web platform and preserve the UN audiovisual heritage for future generations; and to apply international standards, procedures and best practices for long-term preservation and sustainable management.,Here’s why mothers need support now more than ever before.,murugan ashwin college,The South American country describes its new national plan as a “cost-effective pathway to decarbonization of substantiable economic development.”.

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SDG4 includes a concrete commitment to ensure that every girl and boy complete a quality primary and secondary education by 2030.,vivo pro kabaddi junabook.com,Beyond learning, education offers a protective environment that is even more relevant to crisis-affected populations, particularly children, the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) said in a press release.,The former chief scientist of the United States National Oceanic Service, NOAA, the founder of “Deep Ocean Exploration and Research,” she also has her own alliance to protect the ocean, “Mission Blue.”.

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murugan ashwin college

Calling this state of affairs “outrageous,” the UN chief stated that “when journalists are targeted, societies as a whole pay a price” as “no democracy is complete without press freedom”.,Accepting the Call to Action on behalf of the United Nations, UN Climate Change Executive Secretary, Patricia Espinosa, said: “This Summit and its Call to Action make an important contribution towards achieving our collective goal: to boost ambition that we need to address climate change.”,The contact with the customer is extremely important; the customer wants to understand how I work, they want to ‘feel the vibe’..

vivo pro kabaddi junabook.com,Ms. Espinosa recently spoke with the UN News Centre about her work and the challenges ahead.,Highlighting enormous economic losses to climate-related disasters and projections that by 2050, climate change could reduce annual GDP in some South and Southeast Asian countries by up to 4 per cent, the Secretary-General underscored that climate risk cannot be ignored..

Accepting the Call to Action on behalf of the United Nations, UN Climate Change Executive Secretary, Patricia Espinosa, said: “This Summit and its Call to Action make an important contribution towards achieving our collective goal: to boost ambition that we need to address climate change.”,The draft law was introduced as the Nationality and Borders Bill in the House of Commons last July by Home Secretary Priti Patel, so that the UK could “take full control of its borders” and prevent abuse. ,With classrooms shuttered and stark divides in access to online learning, UNDP assessments show that 86 per cent of children in primary education are now effectively out-of-school in countries with low human development, compared with just 20 per cent in countries with very high levels of development. .

However, the UNCCD says everyone can contribute to, and benefit from, investing in sustainable land management — as consumers, producers, corporations or governments. Farmers can invest in smart agriculture with higher yields but reduced pesticides. Policymakers and land managers can invest in sustainable land management while consumers can choose to spend on organic and fair-trade products that avoid ruining the land.,“Bringing them out of lofts and cellars, sharing slices of life, moments captured on film or videotape, can bring alive, with emotion, an existence that has become a thing of the past,” continued Ms. Azoulay in her message.,He highlighted the threats the birds face, ranging from destruction of their habitats to poaching, pollution and climate change, and called for cooperation and coordination between States and conservation actors along the migratory pathways.  .

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The UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) was established in 1946, and has become instrumental in promoting women’s rights, documenting the reality of women’s lives throughout the world, and shaping global standards on gender equality and the empowerment of women.,“We are also not a global Government, so there are limits, to which the UN is mandated and on what it is able to do.”,In the Pacific Ocean, Typhoon Manghut, a very strong tropical cyclone and the largest currently active, is expected to impact the northern part of the Philippines later in the week..

vivo pro kabaddi junabook.com,UN Secretary-General António Guterres has convened the Summit to mobilize action and solutions, including to reverse learning losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic ,Earlier today, Mr. Ban addressed the newly appointed first members of the National Human Rights Commission telling them that the country must “also make a link between rights, poverty and inequality.” In the speech, he called human rights “the bedrock of development” and pledged the UN’s continued support for good governance, justice, and anticorruption efforts..

Mr. Guterres noted that digital technology – the product of an industry that is predominantly male - represents a new source of discrimination and bias. ,The boat gets its name from the 30,000 recycled flip-flops used to decorate its multi-coloured hull.,IOM has established two offices in The Bahamas—one in the capital, Nassau, and the other on Abaco—with a third planned for Grand Bahama..

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He highlighted the threats the birds face, ranging from destruction of their habitats to poaching, pollution and climate change, and called for cooperation and coordination between States and conservation actors along the migratory pathways.  ,With regard to climate change, the Secretary-General warned that more ambition is needed, because “we are not winning the battle,” and Africa is disproportionately affected: “the African continent practically does not contribute to climate change, but the African continent is one of the areas of the world where the impact of climate change is more dramatic and devastating.”,Togo ranks sixth in the list of countries providing police officers serving with the UN.  The country also received an EIF grant to conduct a study to assess the barriers, opportunities and challenges faced by its women police officers in order to increase their meaningful participation in UN operations.  .

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vivo pro kabaddi junabook.com,Mangroves not only provide a habitat for fish and other sea life that local communities eat, but also reduce the effects of rising tides and extreme weather that will become more intense with climate change. ,Initiated in 2006, the World Day is celebrated every second Saturday of May and October – coinciding with with the summer-winter cycle of migration – with hundreds of events around the globe to highlight the need for international cooperation to conserve migratory birds and their habitats for the benefit of mankind..

In a direct appeal to the forum’s 47 Member States to unite to tackle climate change, Michelle Bachelet insisted that every region of the world stands to be affected.,UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova called Norwruz “an outstanding manifestation of how living cultural heritage expresses the way we understand the world and the means by which we shape it for the good of all.”,“Working at the local level with young people [is important] to identify the best ways to prevent violent extremism and win youth’s hearts and minds,” Mr. Voronkov said, adding that the UN places youth high on its agenda..

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murugan ashwin college

While spending huge amounts of money to bring economies back, Mr. Guterres asserted, “we must deliver new jobs and businesses through a clean, green transition”. ,In May 2016, UNEP and other UN partners launched the Wild For Life campaign, which has been raising awareness, promoting the enactment and enforcement of laws, and increasing support for efforts by local communities to halt the illegal trade in wildlife. Elephants and Rhinos are among the species targeted by the campaign.,“Terrorist insurgencies, particularly in the Sahel and the Lake Chad Basin, are partly fueled by local factors and dynamics, but have been increasingly powered by the international Jihadi Movement, namely runaway fighters from Iraq and Syria, and arms from the disintegration of Libya,” he told the Assembly..

vivo pro kabaddi junabook.com,The resolution passed unanimously by the 15-member body in New York, calls for the “full, equal, meaningful and safe participation of women and girls in Afghanistan”, and urges all countries and organisations with influence on the fundamentalist rulers of the country, “to promote an urgent reversal” of policies which have in effect erased women from public life.,The UN chief has been a strong advocate for progress on carbon pricing, ensuring no new coal plants by 2020, and ending the allocation of trillions of taxpayer dollars for the fossil fuel subsidies that boost hurricanes, spread tropical diseases and heighten conflict..

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Initially he started working there to learn German. But over time as his language skills improved, he began an official assistant apprenticeship, mastering the basics of breadmaking and how to run the shop.,kelly criterion sports betting,Chogan is a horse-riding game traditionally played in royal courts and urban fields, which is accompanied by music and storytelling. In Chogan, two-rider teams use wooden sticks to pass a ball through the opposing team’s goal post. It has a strong connection to the identity and history of its bearers and practitioners.,António Guterres reminded top politicians, business and civil society leaders that the BAPA+40 conference, as it’s known for short, will enhance the ground breaking agenda laid out at the first conference 40 years earlier, which adopted the Buenos Aires Plan of Action for Promoting and Implementing Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries (BAPA). .

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In a message, UN Secretary-General António Guterres applauded the 1985 Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer, its Montreal Protocol, and the Protocol’s Kigali Amendment. ,murugan ashwin college,“The personal and public costs are enormous, leaving children, their communities and their countries with little hope for sustainable economic and social development”, said UNICEF chief Henrietta Fore. ,He underscored the importance of prioritizing the sustainable use of planetary resources when pursuing industrial growth, notably in food production and agriculture; and to protect biodiversity in climate action efforts, industrial practices and urban expansion. .

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More than 1,500 delegates including senior ministers, heads of international and regional organizations together with finance leaders and private sector executives are meeting for the 10th session of the International Renewable Energy Agency Assembly (IRENA), in the United Arab Emirates. ,live cricket score natwest series,Among the WHO report’s other findings are data indicating that pregnant women are more likely to give birth prematurely when they are exposed to dirty air.,The region is “experiencing a crisis brought on by a combination of political, socio-economic, humanitarian and environmental factors,” Ms. Mohammed explained..

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Mr. Guterres called for greater focus on urgent climate action, increased ambitions, and for disaster risk reduction to be at the heart of the “Decade of Action”, leading up to the deadline for the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.,karnataka cricket live scores today,“Limiting temperature rise to 1.5 degrees will require rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society – especially how we manage land, energy, industry, buildings, transport and cities,” Secretary-General António Guterres, at a ministerial meeting on climate finance, in Bali, Indonesia.,There has been increased stress, anxiety and other mental health issues, while an estimated 365 million primary school students have gone without school meals, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the UN specialized agency handling education issues, UNESCO.  .

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vivo pro kabaddi junabook.com

Mr. DiMarco, who reached fame after winning America’s Next Top Model in the United States, advocates for children learning sign language at an early age.  The 29-year old grew up in an all-deaf family and has more than 25 relatives who are deaf.,More than half, or 102 million, are students in 14 countries which either fully or partially closed their classrooms for at least half of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Remote Learning Readiness Index. ,But the true number of attacks could be over 1,000, the rights experts said. .

“Schools must be places of learning, safety and peace”, he said, lauding education as not only providing knowledge and skills but also transforming lives and driving development for people, communities and for societies. ,A new joint UN agency study, Drinking Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Schools: 2018 Global Baseline Report, says that good hygiene facilities in schools provide the basis of a healthy learning environment, and that girls are more likely to attend when they are on their period.,The site has been used by people of all faiths, including Christians and Muslims, and non–religious people, and widely celebrated down the decades, as an example of inter-faith and inter-cultural dialogue..

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Ms. Sharif maintained that WUF9 is “the ideal platform to debate the contribution that positive urban development makes to delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular Goal 11, and the New Urban Agenda,” which was adopted in 2016 by the UN conference known as Habitat III.,“However, many other areas still lack data and remain unexplored, for example, the concerns of ageing LGBT people and intersections with disability, racism and xenophobia”, he noted, adding that where States criminalize certain forms of sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, fully effective data collection is impossible: “I have received multiple accounts of data being used for surveillance, harassment, entrapment, arrest and persecution by government officials in such contexts”, he added. ,“How can they be expected to succeed and have the same successes in their lives as someone with the same privileges that I had,” Mr. DiMarco said of other deaf people who grew up without setting foot in a classroom..

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“As cultural property reflects the life, history and identity of the community, its preservation helps to rebuild a broken community, re-establish its identity, and link its past with its present and future. In addition, the cultural property of any people contributes to the cultural heritage of humankind. Thus, loss of or damage to such property impoverishes humankind,”  according to information on its website.,“This is the greatest urgency for unlocking progress towards SDG4,” stressed Ms. Azoulay.,António Guterres shared the startling figure in an address to mark the first observance of the International Day to Protect Education from Attack. .

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In the build-up to September’s UN Climate Summit, which will aim to inject momentum into the fight against climate change, UN Secretary-General António Guterres has called on world leaders to come with concrete proposals for decent green jobs, declaring “don’t come with a speech, come with a plan.”  ,Full statement available here.,“Enabling proactive adaptation is a more effective and sustainable strategy than offering a reactive humanitarian response in the face of large-scale distress,” he added..

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In the finance sector, some of the world’s largest pension funds and insurers, responsible for directing more than trillion in investments, have joined together to form the Asset Owner Alliance, which committed to moving their portfolios to carbon-neutral investments by 2050. The members of the Alliance are already engaging with companies in which they are investing, to ensure that they are decarbonizing their business models.,In November 2017, Saeed Rashid from the United Kingdom was taking photos during a dive on a reef in the Egyptian Red Sea when he came across a female hawksbill turtle that had swallowed a plastic bag and was, as a result, unable to eat.,Immediately after the Taliban assumed power, the Afghan economy collapsed, accelerating Afghanistan’s decade-long slide into poverty; with a population estimated by the UN at about 40 million and GDP of .3 billion in 2021, Afghanistan is among the countries with the lowest per capita income in the world, with around 85 per cent of the population estimated to be living below the poverty line..

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Describing education as “the key to personal development and the future of societies”, António Guterres issued recommendations to get children back in the classroom in a policy brief launched alongside a new global campaign called Save our Future.,The Ambassador commended Iranian activists, both in the room and around the world, for their courage, foresight, sacrifices, and leadership. ,Help has now reached some of the worst-affected communities including in Sigi, Palu and Donggala districts. But needs remain critical according to rescuers, including in the town of Banawa, said a spokesperson for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). .

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“We’ve come a long way towards realizing freedom of expression, and other fundamental freedoms. The right to access to information is entrenched in law in over a hundred countries,” said Secretary-General Guterres during the event, which marked the 70th anniversary of the Geneva Association of UN Correspondents (ACANU). “But despite these advances, in recent years, civic space has been shrinking worldwide at an alarming rate”, he explained.,“Weapons are not enough to defeat violent extremism. Building peace requires culture also; it requires education, prevention, and the transmission of heritage,” added Ms. Bokova.,UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay was in Ukraine to reaffirm support to the population amid the continuing full-scale Russian invasion, which began on 24 February last year. .

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Noting the “incredibly high global burden” of STIs, Dr Taylor added that since WHO last published estimates on curable STI levels in 2012, “there has been no substantial decline” in infection levels.,Levels of carbon dioxide, the most prevalent greenhouse gas, are at the highest levels ever, mostly due to the burning of fossil fuels for energy.,“These new figures show starkly the size of the gap that needs to be closed to ensure universal access to education,” Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of  the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), said Friday..

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Last week, as world leaders convened for the start of the 74th Session of the UN General Assembly, talks kicked off with the first-ever summit devoted to Climate Action, for which Mr. Guterres urged delegates to come with concrete plans for achieving carbon neutrality and slashing emissions, rather than “beautiful speeches”. ,“And, from my own experience, the Albufeira Convention, agreed during my time as Prime Minister of Portugal, continues to promote good relations and cooperation on water management between Portugal and Spain,” he added.,Noting that young people are “rightly demanding a role in shaping the future”, he said: “I am with you”..

vivo pro kabaddi junabook.com,“This is an area where we can make a real difference,” said Wu Hongbo, UN Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs.,"These groups make up a large proportion of the rural poor and rely on farming, forests and agro-forestry systems to grow food and make a living. Rendering their lands resilient to climate change is key to their livelihoods and identity,” said Daniel Gustafson, FAO's Deputy Director-General for Programmes..

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